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To "Pique" your curiosity

Hey chickadees. It's been...oh...2 years since I've posted. Forgive me, I had another baby. If I thought I had no time for fic with 1 child, try doing it with 2!!! So now I have two girls; two beautiful delightful girls and they keep me busy. But not so busy that I don't occasionally get a break to be a little creative. 

For those that remember me or give a crap, I wanted to let you know about a little venture I've undertaken with a few good friends. It's called Pique and it's an online erotica magazine. We launch TODAY and we've got a bunch of amazing writers penning some sexy, smart, shameless stories. We're not a fanfic site, but you can bet a lot of the writers here got their pedigree on the fanfic market.

Please do give it a look-see and let me know what you think. I'm writing under the pen name Lee Ransom over there, if you're curious. 

Also, we are accepting submissions for the next issue if you want to play with us!!! I happen to think my LJ friend list contains some of the most ridiculously talented writers I've ever come across, and I'll love to reconnect! 



Room Lucy in bed

Time and its amazing, relentless pace...

I'm flying solo for the weekend, the baby...make that, the sleeping soundly, and I find myself drawn to old friends and forgotten pastimes. No, I'm not writing any fic. But I'm noodling through some favorites and peaking in on those of you who have made my life special in small and big ways over the years.

Hugs to all. Hope you are all well and happy, or heading in that direction.

GH Scorpio/Jones

GH Enthusing -- JJ Rocks!!! And speculation about Robin/Patrick/Lisa

Are any of you watching GH? Holy smokes!!!! JJ is ROCKIN’! He just found out that Nik and Liz are sleeping together and it’s been a-frickin-mazing! I don’t think I realized how little stellar acting goes on on GH anymore. JJ is so nuanced…guh! It’s been a pleasure to watch him melt down. He was so good yesterday that I swear Tyler Christopher cried because JJ’s performance got him so worked up and not because he was digging deep into what Nik might be feeling.


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SPN leg guitar

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I am so giddy! Sacrificial was nominated for a No Rest for the Wicked Award and it won a Judge's Choice! I'm so stoked and honored and all that good stuff. I wrote the fic AGES ago and the baby has kept me so busy that I couldn't properly fangirl now even if I had the energy. So this is a very lovely and welcome bit of cheer. Thanks, judges!!!


The idea of being able to stand guard on the most important night of your whole family life is the perfect setting for a Supernatural story. If John would have known, he would have been by little Sammy. Both Dean and Sam learned that lesson and apply it here in an understated way in this very nicely and compellingly written story.
Eddie off my tits


I'm such a terrible fangurl these days. And I'm sure a million people have already posted this, but I couldn't resist....

And also...1 month later, my pretty little girl...

SPN leg guitar make everything better.

My casserole dish with my yummy BBQ chicken exploded in the oven. And then my car battery died and I had to jump it and drive it around for an hour. And then...

Supernatural happily appeared on my DVR!!!! Life is good again!

And these are a few of my favorite things:

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12) And I screwed over my fellow f-listers and forgot to put my above list behind a cut  Le sigh... Sorry!!!